Ok, I know what your thinking, "Yeah right, I'm going to give you some help!" Well, i am in great need of it. Here is what I'm asking for:

You know the ugly ads at the bottom of the page, I can get rid of those if I pay $3 extra a month, so I would need $36 in all. i pay $3 a month for this, and to pay for 6 months, the total would come out as $36! Please help me by emailing me and tell ing me that you can contribute something to help this problem (I'm sure you hate the ugly adds at the bottom of all the pages).

Also, I need a Digital Camera to take photos of Star Wars items, or else I'm stuck. That would cost a lot of money, but i will be worth it.

Plase mail me and I will give you an address of where to send the money to. I am counting on YOU to keep SWT&N alive! Every peoson who contributes will get their name put onto a contributors list, and you will get a little award to show oof at your site, or just hang up on your wall. The time is NOW to help SWT&N be on its way to #1!!!

Owner of SWT&N and SWN,