The Quest of Monkey Island

The Quest of Monkey Island
The Quest of Monkey Island
Part 1: The Embarking of a Quest
Chapter 1
As Guybrush slid down the monkey's giant throat, he knew that this was too much. He then saw his rival... LeChuck jump out from behind the monkey's lungs. The evil, undead pirate brought a sharp tingle down Guybrush's spine. He grabbed the root formula the vegetarian cannibal ‘Lemonhead' made for him. The ‘root' as it was called, could melt any ghost it touched. Guybrush's palm sweated as he pulled the bottle out of his pocket. It seemed that he could fit anything in there. As he pulled the trigger to the seltzer bottle the root was enclosed in, he was knocked over by a strong gust of wind. The next thing he knew, he was lying on the shores of Monkey Island, the place he dreaded for all his life as a pirate. He ran into the tropical forest to escape. He knew he was being followed. Guybrush jumped behind a waterfall to hide himself, and then he noticed that he was in a giant sewer drain. LeChuck jumped through the waterfall, advancing on him. Guybrush thought to himself about the treasure ‘Big Whoop.' "Some treasure," he thought. He heard the ghost pirate slowly walking to where he was. He could feel the evil coming. He kept on running until he got to a dead end. He looked up, and saw a small light bulb. He tried to jump high enough to reach it, but it was too high. He could hear the clunking of LeChuck's boots closing in on him. With all his strength, he jumped up, smashing the light bulb with his palm. He let out sigh. "LeChuck will never find me now," he though. Then, he heard the boots come to a halt. He looked towards the pipe he went through to get to where he was. Two red, evil eyes were glaring at him from the pipe. Guybrush leapt up in the air, grabbed hold of the end of a drain pipe, and kicked LeChuck with all his might. He then ran over LeChuck into another pipe. The next one had a manhole at the top. "I'm saved!" he said to himself. He pushed the lid open just as he heard LeChuck get back on his feet. Guybrush climbed through the top of the pipe, and got back to the surface. "A carnival?!" Guybrush said to himself. "Where the hell am I?" He was in a carnival, with rides and gift shops, but nobody was actually there. He stood next to the manhole from which he escaped. He was baffled. "Where am I!?!?" A hand grabbed him from the manhole, and pulled him down. He looked up, and LeChuck was standing in front of him, with a dagger in one hand, the other on his face. LeChuck started to pull his skin, and his face ripped off. "A mask!" Guybrush exclaimed. He stared at LeChuck's face, and tried to figure out who it was. The only light was from above, and Guybrush could not see anything. Somehow, strangely somehow, Guybrush recognized the face. But how? Or from where? Then, LeChuck's second hand, the one with the dagger, dropped right into Guybrush's head.
Chapter 2
Then Guybrush woke up. He was sweating all over his body. He took a deep breath to calm himself down. "I didn't wake Elaine up," he thought to himself. "Good." Guybrush and Elaine had been married for eight months, ever since the day they put an end to LeChuck. Guybrush had given Elaine a large diamond ring he found on LeChuck's ship. It had an evil, ancient voodoo curse on it that turned her into solid gold though. He put his life on the line to lift the curse, and to save her from LeChuck. LeChuck wanted Elaine to be his undead bride. But Guybrush saved her, and ever since then, they have been married. Guybrush then realized, that the nightmare he had was not just a nightmare, he was dreaming of his past battles with LeChuck. LeChuck was pure evil, and everyone knew that he could never be stopped. Not even the ‘root' could fully destroy him. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. But what if there was a way? Guybrush sat awake for hours thinking about his past. He knew that LeChuck would return someday. He just wished that he wouldn't be alive when it happened. "There's got to be some way to get rid of him for good!" Guybrush accidently yelled. "What's wrong?" Elaine said. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you. I've been thinking about LeChuck. I dreamed about him." Guybrush told her about the dream. He explained how he was going through the drain pipes, and when he reached the carnival. He also told her about the mask that LeChuck pulled off. Guybrush knew that the mask had to resemble something. He just didn't know what. Elaine became frightened too. "Don't worry, LeChuck is buried under six tons of ice. He won't be out of there for a long time," Elaine said. "At least I pray so." "So do I Elaine... so do I."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Deep in the Carribean, in the heart of Monkey Island, lay the ruins of LeChuck's Carnival of the Damned. Only one thing remained, the largest ride, the scariest ride... The Mega Monkey Roller Coaster. The ride was LeChuck's most prized possession, and it also created undead slaves. At the end of the ride, the passengers fell into a pool of lava, making them LeChuck's slaves for eternity. In the mountain named ‘Mega Monkey Mountain,' on which the roller coaster was build in, are many dioramas that are made to scare the passengers. At the Ice Monster diorama, six tons of ice covered the track, the set, and the rest of the area. Deep under the ice, a red pulsating light flashed. The light bursted into fire, and cracked the blocks of ice into millions of pieces. Out, from the center, a large, blue figure arose in the middle of a tornado. "Ah, it's a good day for revenge!" said the man as he arose in the middle of the tornado, which turned into nothing but a cold breeze. The man was cold and sinister... and evil. His beard was made of icicles, his coat was stuffed snow, his hat was solid ice, his skin was dry and pale, his eyes were pure diamond, and his heart was made of glass. A man that was once could melt a man's skin with his voice now sent chills down a man's spine. It shows what eight months of being buried under ice can do to someone. The man was truly dead, but too mad to cross over to hell. He sent a powerful burst of ice towards a wall, shattering it like glass. He walked through the hole he made, and in a sharp, chilling voice, he exclaimed: "It's good to be dead!!!"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Guybrush was at the market place on Scratch Island, where he and Elaine were staying until their boat was repaired. He was buying some fruit at a stand. Guybrush couldn't help but notice that the owner of the stand must have been obsessed with lemons. "Is there anything that isn't a lemon here?!" he yelled. "No. Do you have a problem with that?" said a man. "If so, please take your business elsewhere!" Guybrush somehow recognized the man. Probably because there was a giant lemon on his head. "Lemonhead!" Guybrush yelled. "How are you?" "Do I know you?" Lemonhead replied in a questioning voice. "Don't you recrecognize me? I'm Guybrush! You made that ‘root' formula for me to melt the ghost pirate LeChuck," Guybrush said. "Oh yes... Mr Thretwood," Lemonhead replied. "Its Threepwood!" Guybrush said. "Oh yes. Sorry about that," Lemonhead said. "That's ok. How's business?" Guybrush said. "Well, not so good. Nobody likes the sweet taste of lemons, and I haven't performed a sacrifice in eight months! Ever since you put the cheese in Mount Acidophilus, and the volcano god ‘Sherman' digested it, we all nearly got killed! Never give cheese to a lactose - intolerant volcano." Lemonhead said. "Oh yeah... sorry about that," Guybrush replied in shame. "Its alright. After the eruption Sherman's spirit left the volcano and inhabited some chicken. ‘El Pollo Diablo' was it's name I think. Some ‘Demon Chicken.' Anyway, Sherman never returned to Mount Acidophilus, and eventually it was taken over by a god named ‘Murray.' Some ‘all powerful demonic skull.' It never made much sense to me," Lemonhead said. "Oh, it makes a pretty good amount of sense to me!" Guybrush said in a sarcastic voice. "Well, it's been nice talking to you. Good luck with your, uh... lemon business." "Good luck to you too Mr Thiftwood!" Lemonhead said, waving goodbye. Guybrush muttered ‘Threepwood' to himself and continued walking to the inn where he was staying. "That is one scary vegetarian cannibal!" Guybrush silently said to himself. "Good luck on your quest Mr. Thriftwood!" Lemonhead yelled to Guybrush from across the market place. Guybrush stopped, and slowly turned around. "What do you mean?" "Good luck on finding some fruit besides lemons!" Lemonhead yelled back. "Oh, I get it. Thanks!" Guybrush continued walking on with a smile on his face. As Guybrush walked past a pawn shop, he noticed a man in a coat starring at him. Guybrush continued on to the inn he and Elaine were staying at. The man followed him... slowly... until Guybrush entered the inn. That man... was not alive.
Chapter 3
Guybrush walked into his room with two bags of fruit. "Elaine? I'm back!" Guybrush yelled. "Oh hi! How did it go?" she yelled back. "Fine, I brought back some fruit. Do you want some?" Guybrush asked. "Sure. Do you have any lemons?" Elaine asked. "Uh... no. Did you want me to get some?" Guybrush replied. "No, that's alright. I just felt like having a lemon. That's all," Elaine said. Guybrush smiled and said, "I'm going to go to the shore and see if the boat is fixed, so we can get back to Booty Island." Elaine was the governor of Booty Island, just off the shore of Phatt Island, which is governed by governor Phatt. He was a cruel and ruthless governor, who sent people to jail for just whistling. He even sent Guybrush to jail just because he was wanted by LeChuck... and LeChuck was working with governor Phatt to get Guybrush executed. On Booty Island, Elaine and Guybrush shared a mansion in the middle of the woods with dozens of servants. Guybrush had always dreamed about that, because he was never really rich. But the money wasn't his prize... it was his wife Elaine that he really cared about. He had searched and lost her many times, but now he would never lose her again. "Alright, I'm going now. Bye!" Guybrush yelled to Elaine. "Ok, be careful!" she yelled back... but Guybrush didn't hear her.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Back on Monkey Island, the remaining of LeChuck's troops were lying undead on the shores. In the jungle, there was a rustling in the bushes. One skeleton got up and pointed his sword towards the jungle. "Argh... show yerself matey!" the pirate said. A large, evil figure could barely be seen between the bushes. "Show myself? Why? Do you want to chop me into little pieces? Or maybe you would like to stab me a hundred time before chopping my cold head off," said the man. The rest of the undead pirates stood up. "No, we just want your booty!" another one said. "Oh yes?" the man said, walking through the bushes, as the pirates' eyes widened. "Well then, have all the booty you want!!!" the man replied in a chilling voice. He turned around facing the jungle, and let a cold wind out of his rear end, turning everything within one hundred yards into ice. The pirates were frozen, along with everything else. The man smashed the head of one of the pirates with the man's own cold fist. And then, with a chilling shriek, he yelled, "It took six days to create the Carribean, and it will take six seconds to freeze it over!!!" He put one of his fists underwater, and then opened it up. A small patch of ice surrounded his hand, and then it spread at the speed of light throughout the entire Carribean. "And then... there was ice!!!"
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
"What do you mean I can't go?!" Guybrush demanded. "All the water is frozen outside of the shores and no one is permitted to leave the island," an officer said. "Until when!?" Guybrush yelled. "Until the ice thaws, and that could be days," the officer replied. "What caused this? Why is there ice in the middle of August?" "We aren't sure, but it seems to be the iciest on an uncharted island off the coast of Dinky Island. It might be a voodoo curse, or something. The Scratch Island officials are not sure yet. We sent a couple men to the area where this possibly started," the official said in a stern voice. "Wait a minute... you said that this was caused by something unknown off the coast of Dinky Island?" Guybrush asked. "Yes sir," the official replied. Guybrush's face dropped. "And you sent people there to investigate?" "Yes." Guybrush's heart plunged to his feet. "You've got to call them back." "I'm afraid that's not possible sir, they left about four hours ago. They are going to arrive there any minute." "Wait... how can they get there so fast? And how can they get there without a boat? The water is solid ice around the island. Or at least that's what you told me," Guybrush said, trying to make the officer leak information. "You wouldn't believe me if I told you." "Try me." "Dogsleds." Guybrush tried his hardest not to laugh. "Dogsleds!?" "Yes, dogsleds. That is the only way in or out of the island. You have to take a boat to the rim, and then unload everything onto the ice, including dogs. If you want to get out of here, then you've got to use dogs, and sleds... together," the official said while Guybrush started cracking up. "Ok, I'll be back to, uh... take a trip to the ice and then..." Guybrush started laughing. "Get in a dogsled!" "Yeah... ok... whatever. You must supply your own sled, the dogs are given to you by the Scratch Island department of emergencies," the officer said. "Alright. But where can I get a dogsled?" Guybrush asked. "I don't know. You can use a boat or something," the official replied. "Alright, have a good day!" Guybrush yelled. "Same to you sir," the officer yelled back.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Back on Monkey Island, an empty dogsled lay on the shore. The footprints of shoes could be seen leaving the sled, and then the prints turn into bare feet, and then skeleton prints, and then nothing. Above the trees, on top of Mega Monkey Mountain, a huge fortress could be seen. The fortress... was made of ice. All of the carnival was demolished, and the roller coaster was nowhere to be seen. Two men started talking to each other while they were carrying huge blocks of ice inside the fortress. One was short and fat, and the other one was tall and thin. "What do you know... my arteries really are cloged!" the fat one said. "Hey, guess what? I really did break my ankle in the 3rd grade!" the tall one said. The two were joking around about their bones... because they both were skeletons. They, and many others, were the men who set out to find out what caused the water to turn into ice. But not just men from Scratch Island came... people from almost every known and inhabited island came. "Get in here now!!!" a man screamed. "Uh, oh. We'd better hurry," the tall skeleton said. The two ran into a throne room with blue carpeting and white tapestries. "Yes sir?" A large, cold man was playing with a dog that was nothing but a skeleton. "Bring me some more snowballs so that I may play with ‘bony' some more!" Bony the dog started chewing on a bone... his own bone. "And bring in some more ice blocks, it's way to hot in here!" the man said. Shivering, the fat skeleton said "Yes captain!" The man said, "No, not just captain... Captain LeChuck!!!"
Chapter 4
As Guybrush walked down the street to the inn he was staying at, he saw that same strange man in a trench coat and hat. Guybrush tried to ignore him but couldn't help but notice the man was following him. He quicky tried to lose him, by swerving around the streets and turning sharp corners. He ducked into an alley, but it was no use. It was a dead end, and as he turned around to get out of the alley, the man stood before him. With a deep, shrug voice, the man called out, "Why... why did you abandon us?" Guybrush couldn't help but think of all the men left on Monkey Island to die in the explosion. "I didn't mean to, honestly! I tried my best to save the survivors, but I would have been killed!" Guybrush yelled out in a deep voice. "We survived, why didn't you come back for us?" The man slowly was revealing his face, as he pulled off the coat. "Why did you pick the anchor?!?!?" A skull fell to the ground, and two monkeys started leaping into the air. "Murray!" Guybrush yelled with enthusiasm to the skull. "What are you doing here?" "Can't a guy come to a nice quite town to get some rest?" Murray had a point. "Why did you leave us victims to rot in our graves on Monkey Island? We barely made it back alive!" Guybrush felt ashamed. ‘How'd you get here in the first place?" Murray started talking as the monkey's played catch with him. "Would you believe that monkeys are good swimmers?" "No." "Well neither do I, but they insisted that they were. Eventually we got washed up on Blood Island," Murray said with confidence. "We wandered around there for a while, and became friends with Mort." Guybrush remember what Murray and himself did to Mort, almost scarring him to death. "Did you remind him about that trick we pulled on him?" "No, but it wouldn't matter anyway. He's passed on now," Murray said, tilting his head down in dismay, well, tilting it as well as he could. "You mean he finally became a ghost story author?" Guybrush said with hope. "No, I mean passed on, like dead as a doornail. We're good friend's now, he more fun as a dead guy then alive. He doesn't snore anymore, probably cause he has no nostrils," Murray said as the monkeys dropped his head to the ground and ran away. "What's up with them?" Guybrush asked. "They're just mad cause I called them imbeciles last week. They almost killed some of the natives on Blood Island by feeding it some eggs. Idiots. Never give a lactose intolerant volcano lactose. Some idiot gave Mount Acidopholis some nacho cheese once, and nearly killed everyone! My friend Lemonhead said it was some guy named Goshbrook Threadbare, or Doopbrush Peepwork, or something like that," Murray told Guybrush. Guybrush's eyes widened. "Oh yeah, I heard about some guy like that. Psycho." Guybrush tried to change the subject. "So I heard you became the god of Mount Acidophilus, and Sherman inhabited your friend ‘El Pollo Diablo.'" Murray laughed. "Yeah, but the natives kicked me out of Blood Island after the trick my two monkey friends pulled. And Sherman is going on a killing rampage of some sort on Plunder Island. I visited there before I came here, and what was once a quite town called Puerto Pollo, is now as bad as the remains of a large cannon attack. The fort is in better shape than the voodoo lady's ship." Guybrush felt a sudden chill. "Is she ok?" "Don't worry, she's fine! She moved to the sister island of the island we're... Itch Island. You can even swim out to her place from here!" Guybrush felt better. But how could he get here with all the ice? And through all the confusion, he didn't even know what island he was on anymore. "Where exactly are we?" "We're on Scratch Island, even I know that, and I don't have a brain!" "Ok, you've made your point. What's gonna happen to your monkey friends?" Guy brush wondered. "Are you going to meet them somewhere?" "Ah forgot them. They were getting to be a pain anyway. This gives us some time to get to know each other," Murray said happily. Guybrush's face dropped once more. There was no way he wanted to spend the rest of his time with some skull. "Uh, I can't... I've got to make an important phone call. Sorry." "Silly Guybrush, phones haven't even been invented yet!" Murray replied. Guybrush was trapped. "You've got me there. Um... ok. You can come. But do I have to carry you around everywhere?" "Oh, no, I'll be fine. I'll roll around, run into walls, probably get lost and stepped on. I wouldn't want to bother you..." Murray said in a sad, yet convincing voice. "Oh alright, come on." Guybrush picked him up, perched him on his shoulder, and walked out of the alley towards his inn. Guybrush knew Elaine wouldn't be happy with this...
Chapter 5
"Oh my gosh! It's Murray, I've heard so much about you!" Elaine said happily as she walked towards him, and then reached out her hand to shake his, but slowly pulled back remembering that he had no hands. "Guybrush, where did you find him?" "Oh, he and two of his monkey friends found me, they were dressed up kinda like your decoy back on Melee Island to avoid LeChuck." Elaine had trained two monkeys to get dressed up in a wedding dress, and squirt LeChuck with the voodoo antiroot at her wedding to LeChuck. "Will you be staying for dinner?" Elaine asked Murray. "I'll be staying for a little while longer than dinner, Guybrush invited me to stay for as long as your here!" Murray said, looking up with a large smile at an angry Guybrush. "How wonderful, I'll start dinner... we're having chicken, straight from Plunder Island! Only the best feral chickens in the world." Guybrush and Murray glanced at each other, remembering about all the disaster at Plunder Island. "Sounds Great!" Guybrush chipped in. Soon enough Guybrush told Elaine about the ice problems on the island, and that they'd be there for a little while longer. Elaine didn't seem to care. Elaine was holding a book on how to play the guitar. Guybrush knew that she had been practicing for months, but couldn't get the hang of it. Guybrush had even bought her a guitar for her birthday that she cherished. It saddened Guybrush to see her try and try and try, but always fail. Murray told Guybrush how he was a prodigy at the guitar when he had arms, but he wouldn't reveal his secret to Guybrush. After dinner, while she was cleaning the dishes and making desert, Guybrush and Murray were talking. Murray was telling him how he had a potion that would make Elaine just as good at the guitar as he used to be. He would take it once a month, and play like a pro. Guybrush immediately because interested. Murray pulled a vile of it out of his ear, and said that two sprinkles would do the trick. As Elaine walked in with some ice cream, Guybrush put two dashes onto her serving. She sat down and took her first bite. A smile came across her face, as she swallowed her bite. Guybrush was overcome with joy. Her face all of the sudden turned pale, then completely clear and see through. She passed out onto the floor, dead as a doornail. Guybrush looked at Murray, who had just finished all his ice cream, and Guybrush didn't even want to ask were it had gone seeing as he had no stomach. Guybrush looked back at Elaine, and then to Murray again. Murray's eyes suddenly looked bigger than usual, well, his eye ‘sockets' looked bigger. "I probably should have mentioned that it's made for dead people." Guybrush looked back at Elaine, and then passed out onto the floor, side by side with Elaine. Murray looked down at them... "Can I have some more?"
Chapter 6
Back on Monkey Island, at the same instant Elaine died, a grin approached LeChuck's face. For it had been 5 long years that he had awaited Elaine's death. His senses could tell that her place of death was Scratch Island. LeChuck screamed with laugher as all his undead men were startled at the sudden sound. "Tis been too long a wait for me to feel the warm kiss of Elaine on my icy lips. For today, all hell freezes over, and a new Queen arises, and the world will feel the icy chill of death at our hands!" LeChuck stood up from his throne, and started walking towards an ex-sailor. "Ahoy there slave, get me a ship and set the sail for... Scratch Island!!!" LeChuck screamed. "Yes Captain."
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Guybrush awoke with the splash of water of his face. "What the... Elaine! I had a terrible dream, you ate this potion that Murray..." he stopped in mid-sentence. He looked up, Elaine was there, but not exactly. She was see through, just like LeChuck once was. "Oh no, it was all true!" "Yes Guybrush, Murray told me the whole story. I love how you tried to help, and I'm sorry it didn't work out. But we have bigger problems now, like how I can be brought back to life!" Elaine said. "I'm sorry Elaine, I'm really sorry. But I don't know how we can bring the dead back to life, because if there was an antidote, we wouldn't have anybody dead," Guybrush said in shame. "Not necessarily," Murray chipped in. "I already told Elaine how the Voodoo Lady knows of a potion that nobody else does. It won't bring just anyone back from the dead, but someone who was killed by a supernatural force like the potion, God, and Chinese food!" "Really!?!? Then what are we waiting for, let's go!" Guybrush screamed. "Hold up young man..." Elaine said. ‘We first need to find to how to get us all over there." Guybrush immediately had a plan. "I have a plan..."
Chapter 7
Guybrush walked back down to the dock with Murray in his pocket and Elaine hiding behind him as well as she could. "Excuse me sir, but may I borrow that boat/dogsled?" The officer replied "No, these belong to the Scratch Island Department of Emergencies."" "Well we have an emergency. See, this poor skull lost his family," Guybrush pulled out Murray who was crying, "and we want to help him find them."